Advertising Policy

This advertising policy only applies to advertising placed in known as ‘the website’. This document outlines what these publications and websites will and will not publish. This policy is designed to prevent our customers from advertising items which are either illegal in the UAE or prohibited by dealbix.


Below is a list of sections where some restrictions apply.

Leisure and lifestyle

  1. Dealbix will not publish any advert for alcohol and cigarettes.
  2. Dealbix will accept ads for cigars only where the advert makes it clear that it is a collectible and the cigar is offered in a sealed box only.
  3. Adverts for guns, pistols or air rifles need to state the calibre & pounds per foot (lbs / ft) of the item. Dealbix will not publish adverts for any of the following:
    • CO2 guns or rifles
    • Pump action guns
    • Repeater guns/ multi-shot or rifles
    • Replica weapons
    • Shotguns
    • BB guns
    • Repeaters
    • Modified weapons
    • Crossbows
  4. All charities wishing to advertise must state their registered charity number in the advert.
  5. Dealbix reserves the right not to publish any adverts for copies or replicas of trademarked instruments.


  1. Dealbix will publish adverts offering such equipment as long as the wording is kept to a bare minimum such as make and model.
  2. Dealbix will not publish any adverts for incomplete stereo units such as front panels or back boxes in the case of Car Audio/Security.


  1. Even though there is no legal requirement, it has been commonly agreed that the minimum age when a dog or cat is considered fully weaned and ready to be taken from its mother is 8 weeks and over. Puppies or kittens should not be advertised as ‘ready to go’ if they are under this age.
  2. At Dealbix we take animal welfare very seriously and our policy has been designed to protect animals from being mistreated or mis-sold. As a result, our policy covers the following criteria: Dog’s Age*, Docking*, Dew Claws*, Christmas / Easter / Any other holidays*, Free Insurance*, Banned Breeds of Dogs, Dangerous Dogs.
  3. If you are responding to an advertisement and you are unsure about the pedigree or breed of the animal – you should take advice from appropriate organisations such as the Kennel Club or the RSPCA.
  4. Dealbix reserves the right not to accept any adverts for breeds of dangerous dogs. These include American Pit Bull, American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Ban Dog, Old Tyme, Victorian Bull Terrier, Presa Canario, Wolf Cross breeds, or any derivatives of these breeds or dogs crossed with these breeds.


  1. When advertising Property for rent all adverts must adhere to the following house rules: Only one property may be advertised in each advert. Multiple properties will require multiple adverts.
  2. Properties may not be changed within an existing advert during the adverts’ publication period. If an advertiser wishes to advertise a different property other than the one advertised then this would require a new advertisement.
  3. Dealbix will not publish adverts for properties where the property’s availability is limited to individuals of a stated race, sexuality, religious preference or age. For example, if an advert contains a statement such as ‘Room available for white Muslim only’ or any such variants then the advert will not be published.
  4. Dealbix will not publish adverts for flat or house shares which state the current race, sexuality, religious preference or age of the other occupants. For example, the following statement would be acceptable; ‘Room available in Muslim house to share’.