Safety Center

Most local classifieds are posted by honest people and are safe to use. Yet, as online scammers are becoming more widespread and creative with their tactics, consumers need to be aware of how to protect themselves and their families.

Staying safe in classifieds.

It’s easy to stay safe when you pay attention to the warning signs. On our Safety Guidelines page, you can learn basic tips for staying safe or how to communicate through email safely. You can also read detailed safety guidelines about buying, selling. On the terms of use page, you can read about the variety of popular scams out there and how to report a scammer.

Reporting a listing.

The "Report" function can be found at the bottom of each listing on search results pages. It can also be found in several places on the listing's details page, for example at the bottom of the "Description" section. On Marketplace on Facebook the "Report" function can be found at the bottom of the "Comments" section on the listing's detail page.

Report listings that seem like they might be fraud, spam, or engaging in other illegal activities, such as discrimination or trademark violations.

When you report a listing it will processed by our trust and safety system and the user will be removed if found in violation of our Terms of Use.